Premature ejaculation issues have returned and now have issues getting erect during solo play

Premature ejaculation is something I’ve struggled with quite a bit over the years. I got out of a toxic 7 year relationship last July and noticed that this issue cleared up dramatically afterwards. I started seeing someone new about 7 weeks ago. Everything is going great and I’m super attracted to her. In anticipation of us sleeping together, I started masterbating a few times a week and was very successful in increasing my control over my orgasms and dramatically increased how long I could last for. I felt very secure and confident in my sexual abilities and that I had gotten control over my previous issues. Within the last week I’ve started to get anxious about my performance and have begun finishing very quickly during masterbation and finished a lot quicker than I would’ve liked last time I had sex with my new partner. I now feel quite anxious about my performance and am struggling to get properly aroused during solo play, even with the use of porn. Sometimes I can’t erect at all, while others I get erect but am only really half aroused which I think is what’s leading me to finish early. I’ve never had problems getting erect before and I was unable to practice the squeeze method this morning, even with porn, as I couldn’t get erect.

Any thoughts, feedback, or similar experiences would be appreciated

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Read the book “she comes first” hopefully she’s cool with lots of foreplay if you present it in the right way. Then pressure will be off to “perform” with your dick and hopefully you can relax and enjoy yourself leading to a better time all around.