New premature ejaculation issues

Hi, brief history first. I’m 30, never had issues really before. I took very ill with a heart infection nearly three years ago, then broke up with my long term partner a year later (we didn’t have sex during this time for a number of reasons)

I’ve built my life back up, got in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in, met someone who is incredible.

But during sex and foreplay with her I’m almost finishing before even touching each other. I can massage her for a while and I’m ready to burst. When we got down to it last night (there have been a few times before) I lasted maybe 20 seconds, went for round 2 shortly after and lasted even less time.

Is there any advice anyone can give? I’ve been practicing kegels, breathing and edging masturbation.


I don’t have an answer for help but I am going through a similar thing. About ten months ago I was in a serious crash but physically made it out just fine. Since then I have had premature ejaculation similar to yours. Sometimes going before I’m even close to fully erect. I’m 37 and this never happened to me before. Hopeful there is something that can help change it.