Not being able to finish

Ive never had problems with finishing or holding an erection while masturbating or anything solo, but in the few times ive had sex (all being fairly spread apart) ive never been able to finish. Ive blamed it on condoms but the same problem happens during oral sex. Basically during intercourse, the whole experience feels like nothing, im mentally aroused the whole time, can keep a boner, but I never feel anything and that leads to not being able to finish. Through google research I found that its related to overusing porn which for the longest time I thought was the reason, but ive heard that It could be something else but im not sure what. If anyone with similar experiences could share what worked for them that would be great!


I have the same issue. 20 years ago I could finish through sex. Now, it’s hard. Sometimes I recognize it’s my mind throwing me off. Practicing what’s on this app has helped me. The other thing is the way I masturbate. I use a tight grip. I bought a flashlight that feels like a woman’s vagina. I’m trying currently to retrain what I feel down there. To me, it’s my mind and years of tight grip masturbating causing the issue during sex. That’s what I’ve found so far. Can update in a month or so if what I’m doing is continuing to help.

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Same here!