Can't cum with a partner

Title explains it all really. I’ve never been able to finish with a partner. How fucked up is that? When it comes to porn I can crank one out fairly easily but with my partner, who is my longterm loving girlfriend, I’ve never been able to finish. Naturally this effects our sex life, which fucks with my head and gives me trouble with ED. It’s gotten to a point where we just stopped having sex for months because I was ashamed and anxious. This has had serious consequences for our relationship and things aren’t looking great. I can’t belive I waited this long to try and sort my shit out but here’s hoping it works!


Bro. I had the EXACT same thing.

For me, it was due to using viagra, which in itself was an easy way out of solving ED issues (despite being a healthy 28 yo dude)

Can’t speak for you ofc. But for me, Viagra worked in getting a hard on but then couldn’t finish.

Since following the mojo guide it’s been a huge game changer. Not only do I not use Viagra. I can now finish.

In essence, it boiled down for me in trusting the process, having an understanding partner. And probs most importantly, finding out what turns you on and leaning into it / being present.

Meditation was huge for me too, with breathing exercises. Hope this helps!


Thanks for replying mate, lowkey nice to hear others have been in the same boat.
I’ve tried pills to varying success but it never gets the job completely done.
Going to do everything I can and trust the process!

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I have the exact same issue. I haven’t used viagra or anything as I have never had issues getting hard. I just struggle to feel any enjoyment or comfortable during sex so I can’t ever finish (much to the disappointment of my former partner). I’m hoping that my next experience can be better now I have done the Mojo course

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I was the same, got very stressed & would focus on cumming. I ended up using hypnosis & it helped me relax, took me out of my head & focus on enjoying the moment

I am now in a very similar situation and have been trying to do things alone, even quitting porn, but it still lingers, I hope mojo helps, because it is very in line with what I’ve been exploring before. I also cannot believe that it took me this long to start sorting my shit out, but I guess its better to start late than not to start at all. It feels awkwardly reassuring to be able to type this in here and share it lile this in a community of people who can relate and understand. There is a ton of subconscious patterns that need to be addressed. Good luck !