Physical or psychological- I can’t tell for sure

I’m really having trouble knowing for sure if my problem is physical or psychological……

Recently, after having completed Mojo, I thought I was in a great place mentally and I’d had a few great sessions with my partner.

But last night, I lost my erection and I feel like I’m back to square one.

Before Mojo, I had been to a doctor and had blood tests, and was told all is fine physically. I do get very strong overnight and morning (and even evening) erections in bed when I’m relaxed, so I assumed the doctor was right.

So more recently I had worked on the psychological aspect of things, and got to a great place mentally after many many hours of meditations and breathing exercises that I still continue to do.

But last night, after losing my erection, I began to question and evaluate things again.

I came to realise that there always seems to have been a common factor in losing my erection: when I stand up, or kneel up, or just move around in general.

And this is what happened last night. All was fine until I stood up. And as mentioned previously, I get very strong erections when laying in bed.

Is it possible there’s a physical or health issue that’s the problem here (I should mention I’m not overweight and I eat/drink relatively healthy), or could it still be psychological?

I don’t want to go back to the doctor if it’s still all in my head.

Does anyone else here have experience of loss of erection from standing/moving about?

It seems like it would be worth updating your doctor based on what you’ve observed. Getting up, moving around etc does involve blood being moved around your body quickly. If you’re able to e.g. have a quick call with them, hopefully they’d be able to indicate whether it makes sense to follow up.

It’s possible to develop a mental association with something like that, where it ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even if a physical issue is resolved, that can still be a factor. But it is usually worth ruling out potential physical issues first.

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Thanks for the response JB!

You’re right, it would be difficult working on fixing the mental association without ruling out any potential physical problem.

I think I’ll contact my doctor to see if it’s worth a follow up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you done the pelvic floor strengthening / stretching? It helped me a ton and I am wondering if standing up causes some pressure changes which might improve with pelvic floor strengthening.

I am a healthcare practitioner and if your heart/BP is fine I wonder what it could be. If you have low BP it might be worth doing BP tests in laying, sitting, and standing to see how your BP is affected by position changes. Worth checking with your doctor regardless.

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I’ve done a lot of pelvic floor strengthening (kegels). I started a few years ago with that, doing them in various positions (but mostly sitting). It did benefit me in that it gave me much stronger erections than I’d ever had before, and possibly more frequency of erections too. I’ve pretty much stopped with the strengthening now though.

After joining mojo, I tried a few of the pelvic stretching techniques, but wasn’t sure if they were what I’d need since the previous strengthening I’d done had benefitted me.

As far as I know, my heart is ok (the doctor seems to think it’s fine). And my BP has always been within acceptable levels, though I’ve only ever tested it sitting down as instructed.

Another thing I should mention, is that I find it easy to get an erection when laying down or sitting. From fully soft to fully hard. But standing, I find it almost impossible to go from soft to hard. I only remember a couple of occasions when I got hard of my own accord in a standing position, but even then it wasn’t full mast and didn’t last long at all.

So thinking about it, it’s not just that I lose my erection when I stand, it’s also that it seems difficult to achieve in that position anyway.

Interesting. I might consider trying the Kegel in standing to strengthen in the position you are struggling with. It would be a more “functional” strengthening specific to what you are dealing with.

There is a condition called Orthostatic Hypotension (postural hypotension) and it is a drop in BP when you go from sitting or laying to standing. Here is a Mayo Clinic article:

It would make sense that a drop in BP might affect an erection and it makes sense that strengthening in standing might be worth a try.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the information and recommendation!

I’ll give standing kegels a good try then. As mentioned before, I did do some kegels in various positions including standing, but it was mainly sitting. So this time I’ll just focus on standing ones.

And I’ll check out that article too. Thanks again!