Erectile dysfunction during masturbation

I recently attended a Mojo connect session but it seems that the problem I have is unique and I wanted to get some thoughts on it. While I am certainly too anxious to get it up to have sex, I am also constantly thinking about whether I can get it up during masturbation, completely unable to enjoy it and thus, being unable to achieve erection. I sped through the courses and got to ‘mindful masturbation’ recently and was able to achieve a full erection and even ejaculate properly. But since then, I have not been able to. I am constantly stressed about this and cannot even get an erection during masturbation. I do not recall the last time I had morning erection, either. Does this mean my problem is more likely physical?


Possibly. I have the same issue. It might be an idea to go to your doctor, who will refer you to a urologist if they suspect the issue is physical. I’m currently going through that process myself.

Fwiw, I think my issue is physical but is leading to additional psychological issues. I don’t therefore think going through the Mojo programme can do any harm.

I’ve had problems for decades (I’m old) starting in my 40s with ED, and had premature ejaculation problems when I was younger. Plenty of periods in my life when things worked well, and times they didn’t. Unless you are very young, and after working for better sex the past several years, this has to be a combination of physical and emotional. I think we all, regardless of age, should be talking to a doctor too.