PE returned with a vengeance

Cumming too early is something I’ve always dealt with. When I was younger I used to be able to cum and go straight into the next round and it be fine but now that I’m older (30) it’s not so easy anymore. A couple years back I separated with my wife and spent a year drinking and sleeping around a lot. Like a lot a lot. And for some reason during that year I had absolutely no PE issues! It was amazing I was having awesome sex every time all the time. I wondered if it was the alcohol but even when I wasn’t drunk I was having sex like a pornstar and it was amazing! I felt like my dick was finally working the way I wanted it to. In fact some times it was kinda hard for me to cum which was great! I could just keep banging away til we’re both covered in sweat! I was loving it.
Then I started seeing my current girl. First few months sex was amazing. Then we moved in together and she had some health/period problems and just wasn’t interested in sex anymore and that’s when PE came back. I felt like it took so much convincing to make her interested in sex and then when she’s into it, it’s quick and disappointing and then she wants to do it again even less. I always go down on her first to make sure she gets to cum too but I’m pretty sure it’s become a drag for her. She never shows initiative or interest and it breaks my heart. I’ve tried talking to her about it and she just tells me it’s fine and she doesn’t care and she gets to get off but I want to go back to having hot long sex but I just can’t. I’m 99% sure it’s psychological and confidence based.
Does anyone have any advice?


I’d love to hear the advice you get because this is exactly my situation as well. PE came out of NOWHERE and now I can’t shake it


I’m in the same boat as both of you. Never had any issues until I was with my now current wife. After dating for about 2 years I started getting PE roughly every other time we’d have sex. But now it’s every time. In past relationships or when I’d sleep around it was never an issue and I think it’s because there’s no pressure to perform in those situations because normally I’d never see the person again.

From what I’m reading and learned experiences from others it seems as soon as you’re in a comfortable relationship and the nerves of dating someone new have worn off this is when PE kicks in. It can also play a more prominent role when there’s big life changes happening (marriage, kids, buying a house, etc) interested to hear anyone else’s lived experiences

Went through similar with ex wife. At it like rabbits the first 6 months, moved in together, was good for a few months, then she had health issues, this cleared up and we kind of resumed but not as much as prior. Then her dad came to stay for like 2 months and she had him on such a high pedestal that she wouldn’t have sex the entire time, even when he wasn’t in the house in case he came back.
This fucking killed our sex life, like once he moved out after completing the works on our house, it basically became a once a week thing on a Sunday afternoon. We lost all our spontaneity and just ended up in a mundane routine. I started to have p.e issues, probably because I have a REALLY high sex drive and used porn alot to relieve myself in secret - “just going to the loo babe” and knocking one out as fast as i could to get that release feeling. This then turned into when we had sex I was chasing that release and I’d cum really quickly as it was even more stimulation than just knocking one out. This in turn led to thoughts that I was disappointing her and not a man for what I couldn’t give her, which in turn became e.d issues as I was like well what’s the point, it will be over in a minute, she’ll be unsatisfied and although I wouldn’t have a problem going down on her after I’d finished (she didn’t like to cum before penetration), she thought it was disgusting that I would do that. We had become sexually incompatible, and we did a lot of work to try and resolve it and in this time we also got married. Things were getting back on track then she suffered from premature ovarian failure 6 months into the marriage and her sex drive completely disappeared, like was categorically not interested in anything. Life continued, we never really recovered and I got major issues around hurting her as the few times where she did initiate, I either hurt her due to her condition or I came so quickly it was pointless or as I could see she wasn’t enjoying it I’d go soft

My biggest worry is that I’ve met someone new and recently met up for a dirty weekend for the first time and I wasn’t able to perform. I managed to penetrate her once and that only lasted about 1.5 minutes before I was spent and in all honesty I’m very well endowed and she’s a tiny petite Asian girl so I really was barely inside her before it was all over :man_facepalming: alot of my fears come from hurting them, as I say, with my ex, even once we did get back to business, it was never right and we had the same issues I’m now experiencing. I’m hoping the meditation and psychology of this app will benefit me but I only dl’d today but it’s refreshing being in here, knowing I’m not the only one. I don’t feel " less of a man" just reading through there comments, I feel like a man who has an issue that can be solved with the correct tools which I’m hoping this app is!

Same thing happens to me. The pressure of trying to please the other person takes over and ends up running everything