Drunk sex no problems sober sex nightmare

Alright boys!

Been struggling with PE for as long as I can remember. Didn’t acknowledge it was a problem until after my first serious sexual relationship ended and other women pointed it out.

I tried pills once or twice only for the revelation that it’s a mental issue and not physical and as such I ended up here.

I always try and have sex while drunk as I never have a problem finishing early however when I’m sober it’s always an issue. I’ve been working through the program and can choke the chicken alone without visual stimulation (porn) for as-long as I want and have full control. However when visual stimulus is added ie a partner or porn, the issues return.

Anyone share my experience?

Got any advice/ success stories / what worked for you?

Cheers :saluting_face:


Be great to see some feedback on this as I’m in a similar position, I have life long PE (25 years) and trying to find a solution for this started to follow the program and hoping to see some improvement.

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I’ve been struggling with PE for years and only over the last few years have I tried to remedy it. I have much better control now but still unable to last as long as I want. Unfortunately, in most cases there isn’t a magic fix and it requires work on multiple things.

Kegel exercises is the first which helps to stop that involuntary pulsating that happens before ejaculation. I found that focusing on the front part of my pelvic floor, the base of the penis, gave me more control.

Secondly, masturate using a water based lube and practice edging. Every time you get close, stop the action then take nice deep breaths through your stomach. This helps not to trigger the sympathetic nervous system. Edging will help you recognise the PE sensation and train yourself to control it.

Lastly, and the big one, is about managing arousal. This is extremely difficult and something I’m still working on and could be completely wrong but it’s working for me. They say don’t watch porn but it’s the only way to simulate strong arousal. Masturate using a water based lube while watching a scene you love. Try not to think about your penis or the sensation, detach from it completely. Just breath and be a relaxed as possible. I could be “stroking” away and a great camera shot comes up and suddenly I’m close to finishing. It’s about training yourself to not get overwhelmed by what you’re viewing. Doing this will prepare you better for the dynamic situation that happens during sex.

Hope that helps. Good luck on your journey brother :facepunch:t2:


Thanks for the response, good to know I’m not alone :handshake:


Some men are finding the Penis Root Masturbation helpful. and there is some research out there now that it has positive outcomes. Mojo covers this. Take your time, notice sensations and try and do it 2 - 3 times per week .

Is the Penis Root Masturbation an exercise on here Amanda?

@inner-olive-cricket can I ask how old you are? im 24 and by the sounds of it you sound a similar age to me and ive also experienced a break up, lots of questions im asking myself whether i have this or not. best of luck lad!!

Yeh mate I’m 21, I had the problems pre breakup but me and my girl made it work. I only realised it was a problem when I started seeing other women.

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