Any PE success stories?

I’m at a bit of a loss and feel like things are getting worse. Kegels has helped with solo but I can’t override my anxiety responses when it comes to the real thing! I’m considering hypnosis / therapy - has anybody had any success with this?


It took me a good 9 weeks on this app, plus a super supportive girl I’m seeing to have some real progress. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Trust the process and don’t slack off, be real with yourself too in opening up and you’ll see the results. You got this dude!


MAJOR success. I used to lose my erection (if I could get one) nearly every time with my girlfriend. She is a smoke show, so it “shouldn’t” have been an issue. Now I’m pretty solid! Still have trouble with changing positions and cumming quickly, but with consistency those will improve too. Don’t give up. You’re tackling the problems where they live.


I’m also curious about hypnosis. I can see that it’s in my head so can I get myself tricked into not going there anymore?

I have seen a sex therapist before to help with PE but the app is very similar advice just not tailored to you. I would do therapy over hypnosis. I used to think I was just hyper sensitive but I’m definitely just hyper mental. Realising some of my ridiculous tendencies has massively helped me.