Partner not into foreplay

Anyone have a wife that doesn’t enjoy foreplay? How do you handle that? She expects me to get myself hard then come to bed. Curious if anyone else has the same situation, it’s not the worst set up but when I do join her in bed and I try a few things she says “no” to everything I try this tells me she’s not turned on and it turns me off. Thoughts on this, I’m open to any guidance/advice.

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I dunno, but to me it sounds she is a lesbian. Could that be?

I’ve never been in that type of a situation, but I’d imagine it can frustrating. Foreplay can be half the fun!

When you’re not about to have sex, I would suggest bringing this up and talking to her about it. Maybe she has her own reasons not to want to engage in foreplay. Maybe you could see if she’d be open to going to a sex therapist together too.

What does she say no to? You touching her? Her touching you? Does she get herself ready for intercourse and you are supposed to just walk in the room and slide into her?

Whatever the situation, I think you need to discuss it at a time when things are calm and happy. Do it in terms of you wanting to understand how you can make sex better for both of you.

One interesting thing is how little many couples actually talk about sex, including what they like and don’t like, etc. In over thirty years of marriage, I don’t think I ever told my wife once how I liked her to play with my penis until the other day when I gave her a little demo. It felt weird but actually broke the ice a bit and made things more comfortable.

In the end it might be ED that really improves our sex life in that it helps us open up about it. Of course, I have to get my oenis back to how it was before but once that’s done we hopefully will be off to the races.

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