Fine with foreplay, but struggle with penetration

Hey everyone, sure there’s been similar topics in the past but couldn’t find anything exactly specific to my situation. I find that I can get and stay hard during foreplay, but then when it comes to actually having sex (penetration) I lose my head or become hyper-aware of whether i’m staying hard or not, rather than being present in the moment. I’ve had tests so I know my issue isn’t physical and purely mental, so I’d love to know if anyone else has had similar issues with penetration and whether you found a solution to help with this performance anxiety? Thanks!


This is the exact situation I’m working through. I think this is a form of performance anxiety. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this!

Try to agree with your partner that just foreplay will happen and no penetration, so you can just enjoy foreplay and she might just playaround and stimulate her clit with your Penis. So you are basically their and can adjust to the proximity… and you could try and go for a cockring… cause it will maintain your Erection physically… basically your Penis can get soft even If you freak out… knowing that… no need to stress, enjoy penetration and if you got used to it, remove the ring again

Also a big issue here. Especially when it comes to condoms. I actually second one of the other posters’ suggestion, bc it works for me: withold the promise of penetration. Tell your partner just foreplay, or whatever gets and keeps you aroused. Tell them you’re going to tease them, go down on them, rub your dick against them, but not fuck them, like it’s a game and you’re demonstrating your willpower. Anecdotally, with four separate women, this has built intrigue and anticipation. It makes them think you’re different in a good way, and it also takes out the PE factor because you’ve told her that you’re in control of when she receives that pleasure, so you can go out it when your desire supersedes your PE (and it will, eventually).

Anyway if you try it, let me know whether it works.