Overthinking During the Act

Everything usually starts off great but then I start to imagine my partner in different scenarios. Different sex fantasies. Then I wonder if I’m doing a good enough job. And then I lose my hard on. And then I get all in ny head about that and I’m not doing a good job because u can’t finish like a regular guy. Which then makes the next interaction anxiety provoking.

Anyone else?

Yes, this is very similar to my own experience and is the reason I’m trying mojo. This is day two of the trial run and we’ll see how it goes.

Same here and day 3 of the trial for me

Exactly what happened with me. Been using this for about 10 months. Last 5 months no issues at all, great erections consistently, so I neglected the meditating and exercises for a couple months Then had an episode of getting In my head. Makes sense. Back here to practice More, be more mindful and get back on track.


Good to know this works. I’ve committed to the year and hope to see the results you have!


It’s a great journey of self discovery. Tbh helped with other aspects of work and even my golf game :smile:

I’m so happy to hear that it’s the mindful practices that have been successful to you. I’m trying. It’s really tough. Props to us all for taking the action required boysss


Excited to finally be on here. Was having consistent sex with my first girlfriend for years, but the first time I did it I got nervous and went soft. And ever since then I’ve had so many times where I went to try and have sex, and just said in my head “what if it happens again”? “What will I say? What will she say after” and I get embarrassed and just go soft. I’m fine during foreplay but I lose it all right before going in. Confident that I can learn some exercises and stuff to help with this