Opposite From Some of You

I seem to have some opposite issues when it comes to libido. I am HORNY all the time, but can’t seem to get an erection when attempting sex with my wife. It’s infuriating and that’s why I hope this app will help.
Soft penis pleasuring is problematic, as I always want to jerk it off.

I’m in the same boat brother. Two months ago, magically my member started getting stage fright. The first time I was just generally tired and exhausted, but the second time it was totally my mind playing tricks on me. Each time since has been a struggle. My therapist thinks it’s deeper seeded issues involving my relationship with my partner of 6 years, who has always been kind of controlling with high expectations. I don’t want to admit that just yet… trying to convince myself it’s all in my head before I start pointing fingers. Honestly the support I’m getting from her has been wearing thin or is nonexistent.


I would agree. I had a 1 week stretch of ED that turned into 2 months due to initial outbursrs during sex when she couldn’t cum as fast as possible.
Definitely made sex nerve wracking a bit when you realized the goal for your partner was to use you to climax as fast as possible

Dude, that’s brutal. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that. I can’t imagine dealing with this ongoing ED/PE issue without the full support from my wife. Already hard enough (no pun intended) trying to tell myself that it’s all in my head and me assuming how she’s feeling, despite her reassurance and support.

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I get it I feel I. Too young to have Ed my dad is almost 60 and doesn’t need anything I think Ivr done too much drugs (when I was younger) and maybe that plays into it along with some meds in on gonna swallow.y pride and get some meds for it if it works then awesome and this app can only help with it especially the mental part I find I don’t get boners thinking about my wife like I used to , just the touch of a hand would turn me on not anymore I mean sometimes but my libido isn’t what it used to be I would like once a day but that’s not realistic so two or three times a week would be awesome but we’ll get through this brother hope you find something that works!