Here’s to getting better

I finally got a second chance with the girl of my dreams, we made plans to meet the following night and all day I was anxious about having sex. She came over we had great conversation, we were laughing and start making out. I noticed I was hard in the beginning I ate her out put a condom and when I went to insert it lost my erection. I couldn’t get out of my head from there and it all went downhill. I communicated with here what happened and reassured her but damn I feel like I blew it.

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Been there. Like you, trying to change those negative thoughts to stop that from happening.
Keep at it and I strongly recommend therapy outside of this app if you can.


Yeah dude i understand. It sucks but try not to dwell on it. I’m using the app and trying to stay positive while not thinking too much about why I’m using the app in the first place. It happened, and now it’s time to try and fix it.

If she heard you, understands, and continues t support you, then that “test” might just be what shows you she could be the one.

Luckily my wife of 18 years is that person and this ongoing struggle with ED/PE and our sex life in general doesn’t make me worried that she’s going to leave or just quit sex. If you can find that out now and don’t have to risk it in the future, then it might just be a blessing in disguise.

Best of luck!