Insecurities Over ED

Not sure if I’m an isolated case or what, but for some reason, in the last year or so my wife’s (of 21 years) past is really messing with my head. I’m feeling the ED has me focusing more on her past and me not living up to her experiences with other guys before we got together. This is now leading to me thinking all kinds of crazy things, including maybe we will never have sex again or maybe she might leave. She is saying nothing or doing nothing to suggest this its just in my own thoughts. Anyone in the same kind of head space out there? Thanks

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My significant other of 10 years I started having this issue. Just be open and honest with her, go to couples therapy and talk about it and be open and volnurable with her


I’m very curious as to how its not be an issue for the longest time, then all of a sudden hits hard.

Hey man, sometimes it’s the same kinda deal with me. Thoughts and all. Something I started doing was making her feel really good about the intimate moments we have, whatever they made be. I lift her up in hopes it leads to more opportunities for intimacy. An example would be a great kiss. Compliment her on it. Last night, my wife made me cum and I gave her the whole show. I moaned and moved my body with the sensation she was giving me. Making her feel good about what she’s doing. A lot of times, our women can take on what we’re feeling and feel that kind of way about themselves.

I really hope this app helps with your ED, so far it’s already helped me. Let’s just keep giving the app the quality time it needs everyday, and focus on the exercises we do.


Thanks for the feedback it’s good to see it’s not just me. I’ll continue to work on myself for improvement.