One bad night after prom

Back when I was with my gf the thought of getting hard was never a issue and never even came to mind. And with her we I never used a condom. When the next girl came around she told me put a condom on and this was when everything started. Those couple seconds of struggling to put it on my erection was gone and I was embarrassed. Ever since that day those thoughts of getting hard began and even worst when I gotta strap up. Iโ€™m young and healthy and I can get hard myself but once it comes down to it thatโ€™s when the wave of thoughts come in. Any tips would be great

Having problems putting condoms on, especially with new partners can be challenging. Mojo will help you notice when you are going into your head and out of your body., there are lots of useful exercises and techniques. It can be really helpful to practice putting condoms on by yourself, take your time, use arousing images when you are doing this. Soon you will be able to do it knowing you can go a bit soft but you will be able to get hard without panicking.

I canโ€™t feel comfortable with a limp
Dick. When I masturbate, I feel confident. But when o think of a woman holding my penis, panic sets it