Going back to condoms

Hi there,
I have a pretty new gf of 5 months now. She had no experience with much when I met her and I had a lot. I hadn’t used a condom in at least four years, and she said it’s necessary, totally understandable. However, I find myself getting so nervous that I’m going to stay hard enough to get the condom on that sometimes I just can’t do it. I feel ashamed and disappointed. I can get an erection all other times but right when it comes to the moment for that it’s like a mental block. Wanted to see if anyone has had this problem and how they fixed it.


You’re not alone. I struggle with this mental block and I have mates that do too. I’be just started Mojo, but I’m hoping that it can help me with this too.


I am the same, I hate condoms. I been w my gf for 4 years now, we fuck raw everytime. But theres times i finish before her, i pull out. And i can go for another round sometimes and she wants to keep going but wants me to put on a condom because “ more cum might come out”. So almost everytime i lose my erection and or im not as solid. Thats untill she pulls it off me and i instantly get hard again. I dont know maybe its the thought of not feeling the whole ride how it should be. It bugs me too.


I have never been able to have sex with condoms. Even when I could stay hard, I wouldn’t be able to cum. Maybe it’s because none of my girlfriends ever wanted to use them or because I can’t feel the soft, wet pussy wrapped around me and not the rubber rain coat. Can’t stand them.


Just a thought, why not ask your gf to put the condom on your erection. Maybe that will be more exciting for both of you. You might not be so much in your head.


This could be a good call… I’ll see if it works…
This issue of going soft whilst getting a condom on seems rather common in Mojo… and it’s blooming annoying…

Not panicking… and getting out of your head… is the way forward… but the trick mentioned above could also be a good one…

I also hate wearing them. Half the time I’m afraid I’ll go soft just putting it on, or that I won’t be able to feel enough sensation for me to cum. We’ve started having sex more without them and I just pull out before I finish.