Can’t stay hard

I’ve recently entered a new relationship and we went to do it and I was hard during foreplay but as soon as I put the condom on I went soft does anyone else struggle with this issue currently or in the past

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I can definitely relate. I recent started an exclusive fwb situation and same thing happens to me. It’s actually why I started this course. Condoms are instant boner killers for me. We’re supposed to meet up again tonight, so we’ll see how it goes :crossed_fingers:t3:


I’m struggling with something similar, that’s why I’m here. If someone has some advice and/or found mojo helpful please let me know.


Your situation is why this place has 440,000 users!

We’ll get there.


Preach that, here today because of the same reason. Have a fwb situation and have tried a few times now and everytime I put the condom on it just goes soft


I’m glad it’s not just me I’m just glad she was so understanding about it and said we will just have to keep trying

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Unfortunately I had the same issues with condoms. I only been in long relationships in my life so using alternative options were a good alternative. I tried many types though before I gave on that thing and never enjoyed. We used the calendar and interruption technique in the past 20 years with my partners without a prpblem. I think it’s not a problem if you educate yourself and you have loyal partners