Can’t stay hard with a condom

Hi all, I’ve joined the app because I cannot stay hard with a condom on, on my own or with a partner. I first realised this trying to lose my virginity where I was rock solid all until the condom went on and it went limp. It’s happened with a couple of girls since, and the ones that let me in without one there’s not been any issue, the little man was stood up proud. I’ve tried masturbating with one on to try and get used to the sensation but every time I roll it on I go soft again. Has anyone experienced this and been able to fix it? Or are there different types of condoms that would work for me. Cheers


if this isn’t my story to a T!!!


same with me. was 16 maybe, didn’t know how condoms worked and never tried them before. was a lot of pressure and we wasted two of the three condoms not being able to get them on. third time was a charm but it left a lingering negative thought.

in college I avoided condoms because I thought I couldn’t get hard with them on. after moving to New York I realized for STIs and kids , no condom isn’t a healthy option I could continue. but of course, when I tried having sex I would go soft, and go soft.

and EVENTUALLY, one time I ripped the condom off and BOOM…still soft! all of those negative experiences spiraled to the point where I developed a full blown psych ED and am now here with mojo.


  1. just for psych ED in general, mojo is incredible. I’ve felt things in sex I’ve never felt before, and my sexual health can be stronger than it’s ever been if I keep consistent practice.

  2. for condoms… this is going to sound ridiculous, but it worked for me.

I bought a massive box of condoms off amazon, like 128count. and every morning I got myself aroused and put on a condom. then strapped up my pants and went to work. seriously.

I walked around all day with a condom on. I sat at dinner tables over Christmas with my parents wearing a condom.

it sounds ridiculous and (actually hilarious story to share) but that gave me one thing I didn’t have before : COMFORT!! comfort is the key.

make condoms mandatory for your personal life. you don’t have to go to that extreme, but if you’re going to masturbate, or even wax and wane or sensate focus, strap one up!

get yourself so comfortable you don’t even think about it, and let me know how it goes .


Jesus I respect the commitment :joy: I might not go that extreme but will defo make a bigger effort into getting used to the feeling, I’ll experiment with different styles of condom as well, see if the thin/skin feel options work better for me

Wow, love the commitment here!

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I was right there with you at that age and even tried the same thing alone to get use to it. The truth is for me most of commercial condoms were just too thick for me. I was with a girl one time who got me Crown condoms and those were great! You can order them online.


I have a similar issue, so thanks for sharing this!

I also have the same problem. The other problem i have is when I actually do get hard while wearing a condom, it seems like the condom is too tight or that it is not on properly which makes me kind of panic and go soft. I dont know why this happens but it does. Another reason was when i was with my first girlfriend, every time we would have condom sex, she would always comment about how the condom was hurting her so we always ended up taking it off. Because of that, the thought of me hurting the girl i am with due to a condom also creeps into my head and makes me go soft. It is really weird. I still struggle with this.

Man I love this. I hate needing to go raw with new girls but it seems like that’s the only way I can stay hard.

Latex condoms are pretty uncomfortable. Have you tried using Skyn? I have a girl that’s a bit tight and I need to use Skyn condoms with silicone lube, otherwise it dries her out and makes her feel uncomfortable

honestly, so many of my female friends talk about the amount of guys who hate condoms or complain about them.

I really think there’s a massive problem most people deal with when it comes to being comfortable with them , but besides us in here nobody’s talking about it so it never gets addressed

Make sure you have the right condom size. Too small can make you lose your erection.

Yep I’ve had this problem for about 20 years.