Getting soft when I try to put the condom on

I’m a 17 yr old and recently lost my virginity. I was a frequent masturbator since probably 11 years old, and I consider that to be most of the reason I have a hard time getting it up. The first time I tried with my girlfriend I couldn’t keep it hard enough to put the condom on. I just brushed it off as being nervous for my first time. The second time we tried, I bought a honey pack to help me out and make sure I got hard, and it worked (kinda). I was able to put the condom on and I lasted maybe 10-15 minutes before we switched positions and in between that I got soft. That’s when I started to worry I had a problem. The third time we tried, I didn’t use a honey pack and sure enough, I couldn’t hard enough to put the condom on, and we haven’t tried again since then. I’m able to get erect from masturbating by myself, but when I’m with my girl I just can’t seem to keep it up. I’m only a few days into the Mojo program, stopped jerking off for about a week but unfortunately relapsed just last night. Felt pretty down about it but I’m sure I won’t do it again. I’m pretty much just looking for some encouraging words because I feel pretty sh*tty about my whole situation and feel like such a young guy shouldn’t be having E.D. issues.

Putting the condom on muat be a playful part of having sex you can kiss her, make her touch or jerk you off while you open it, try that and enjoy the moment…

It also is performance anxiety, you dont have a phisical problem since you get hard while masturbating, practice bkx breathing, kegels and exercises against performance anxiety

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I feel exactly what you’ve said I’ve had those same problems when you feel the blood rushing away from your penis and back into your body, like your mind is say uh huh not again . Try tk focus on doing box breathing I’m only in my second day and I’d say box breathing will get your mind off of focusing on performance during sex . And unfortunately to say honey packs have a type of viagra in them . I was bummed about that when I read that the other day but it was already after I bought 5 of them . Try to shift your mind from performance and into enjoying the moment and your box breathing the more you tune into box breathing the less you willl worry about your inner critic and more you will enjoy the moment

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It’s incredible how powerful the mind is. You know it’s psychological as you can stay hard to masturbate. Let’s win this battle together


I have some issues myself, and now that I am thinking back, I think I have worries since I was 20 or so, so 9 years now. But it has gotten worse lately, so now I started this program…
but I can tell you about condoms: they can be very annoying and discomforting in the moment. But they are not the problem, it is in your head. Make sure you have a lot of foreplay fun to, fucking doesn’t have to be the end goal every time too. Just go with the flow, don’t rush. Use lube before putting on the condom, and buy condoms that are big enough (i had bad experiences with condoms that felt too tight and made is uncomfortable wearing them and especially putting them on). Make sure the lube and condoms are ready so you don’t have to search for it. And it is fine that you have to jerk or kiss to get harder again when you have just putted the condom on. And maybe, use them during masturbation to boost you confidence a couple of times.

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Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind