One bad experience, now I'm off track and trying to get back on

My erection issues started with one bad day. I had sex, came fast, which is rare, so I panicked a bit. I Promised to get hard again and do it right. 10-15 minutes later I tried again. Couldn’t get hard enough, which is actually expected with me. I know it usually takes me some time to rebound. Like at least an hour. But I had something to prove. I’m 30, handsome, successful, and pretty good at sex. Also, I’m pretty good at getting women to sleep with me. It’s a huge part of my identity and I take a lot of pride in it. I love the hunt. When my erection issues started I knew they were mental and would overcome them like half the time ( this was just a few months ago). The thing that made the issue basically impossible to overcome was when I thought I got someone i didn’t like pregnant. It’s possible she was manipulating me. I’m not sure. I was terrified I would have a child with her. Her period was 3 weeks late. It was 3 weeks of agony. She was out of town so I couldn’t even confirm this was happening. When she got back I had sex with her again even though I promised myself I wouldn’t again. After that she had another 2-3 week late period, and it was some of the worst depression I’ve ever had. I felt like such a fool. This was in August, now it’s October, and these thoughts are getting worse because I don’t have a woman to help. So in my situation, pregnancy issues effected me, but in the totally opposite way than most of the guys on here. Now I feel like I’ll never have children anyway. I’m afraid to ask my crush on a date.

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My suggestion is going to go against the modren paradigm; If you enjoy the hunt, hunt only the finest prize, a partner with whom you actually connect. It sounds like you’ve mastered a lower level of pursuing women that dont challenge you for a true connection or future. Aim higher. Even if she’s not “The One,” youll learn things about yourself and relationships that will prepare you for when you do meet “The One.” Why not up the ante? Hunt only those women who you actually like. Hunting is easy. Committing to make a relationship work, and really putting in the work is the true challenge. You’ll find more meaning and fulfillment in life along with exponential growth on a personal level.

You might also examine why your self-identify is wrapped up so heavily in affirmation from the hunt, and resulting prize. What within this is preventing you from occupying your penis for erections?

Stay away from the little blue pills as a crutch. Its only masking sysptoms of a larger root cause.

I’ve been where you are. There is light on the other side, but to really address the root cause required some introspect and challenging my belief systems about myself and the programming I’d allowed society to imprint on what it means to be a man.