Obsessive thoughts about sexual scenarios - performance anxiety

I find myself thinking about sexual scenarios with my partner, what seems like, all the time.

It’s not so much from desire in the moment, but concerns about the next time we engage, sexually, and whether or not I’ll be able to fulfill them.

It’s like I have a million “what if” scenarios going through my head;
“What if I can’t get hard? What if I don’t stay hard? Will they be in the mood for what I am? What if they’re not fulfilled but won’t tell me? What if they’re secretly turned off by me but afraid to say so? What if my ED issues lead to them breaking up with me because I can’t keep it up?”

I think about these things so much, and then when we have an encounter, I’m already nervous about not being able to deliver.

I truly hope MOJO can help me get past all of this.