Obsessed with penis size

Hi new to the group. I’m with a new partner after finding out my wife was having an affair. I was devastated and in a very bad place for a while. My new partner is amazing but 6 months in we still haven’t sex as i can’t get it up. I’m an average guy down below but even tho I know thst I feel ashamed. Anyone else had something similar


Yeah it can be in the back of my head sometimes. Im also average and ive never really worried about it until recently.


Porn has completely rewired out perceptions of reality. Think of it this way: when you watch a sport, are you seeing a bunch of average people on the field? No, you are seeing the select few who are not representative of the average at all.

Porn selects often for the most extreme attributes, it is not healthy or worth your time to compare. Besides, when you talk to women about size sure there might be some novelty but many have had bad experiences with guys that are too big due to the mechanics of trying to get it to fit or hurting them.

This is part of the lesson of the soft penis pleasuring exercise, you are fine how you are and you can’t change that. What you can change is your attitude and how you use your body. Change those things and women will embrace you.


Your penis size and your experience with your ex are not connected. Her actions do not define you, enjoy your time with this new person.

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I’ve had similar worries, my current partner is more experienced than I, and I did tend to ask to many questions about her previous encouters…. Causing some of my Ed issues…. Be confident In yourself, we are all unique