Had an Ex GF Cheat on Me

Years ago I had a girlfriend that, before I dumped her, went out and cheated on me (she claims) and said the guy she was with was so much bigger than me. I’m not going to say my size for fear of being misjudged or misunderstood. It has really screwed with my head for a long time


Sorry I find this a bit triggering.

Possibly that’s why she said that - to get at you?

If it’s true, good for him, and if that’s all that matters to her she can get a plastic one to use, no? It sounds very immature quite honestly.

Take some breaths and try to let this go - there is more to you and sexual pleasure than dick size.


I really appreciate your encouraging comment


That’s rough, I’m sorry you went through that.

What you’ll learn in this program is that PIV sex is rarely enough for women to orgasm so size matters less than what society has ascribed to it.

Go find someone better than you ex (not gonna be hard to top that person), and with them, explore what works well. You’ll probablement find that tongues and fingers will please a lot more than penis, regardless of size.


It sounds to me like she was just trying to hurt you by pinpointing an anxiety all men have about their masculinity. You were treated abusively, and you shouldn’t trust the opinion of someone who won’t even give you basic respect.

I don’t even accept the premise that your worth as a man, sexual or otherwise is tied to your penis size. A suitable, healthy, safe partner is going to love you and your body for who you are. Whether or not that guy had a bigger dick is irrelevant.

I know it’s going to be hard to acknowledge that emotionally just from one comment from a stranger, but I hope this helps.

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