No more "angry masturbation"

So, there are weeks where I masturbate every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. After analizing my patterns, I realized 2 things.

  1. I masturbate when I’m angry or frustated. For example, when I have a bad day at work or when I finish a video game angry for not winning.
  2. I have watch so much porn that there have been moments that I cannot finish so I keep searching for more and more different content. Scrolling until I find something I can come with.

So these are my solutions. I decided to masturbate only 2 times a week but never if I’m angry or stressed. Also, I will only masturbate for only 10 minutes max, with videos I recorded with my previous partners. But If I watch porn, I will stick to one video only, no more scrolliing.

Do you think this will good?

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I think it’s really good to have made those observations and formed a bit of a plan. Give it ago and see how it works.

A next step may be to ease of the video and just use your mind, imagination and touching your body more widely (see solo sensate work in mojo). Number of guys have found this style of masturbation gives pretty intense cumming and can be more satisfying - video can distract from the sensations.