No longer the 2 pump chump!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had issues with PE and feeling insecure of my ability to sexually please my partner. I tried all the bro science tips like think of a movie or work and ways of distracting myself but nothing worked. After applying the box breathing method and reducing my stress and anxiety, I was able to make it last much longer last night! I want to say it felt like a good 15-20 minutes rather than the usual 3-5 so it’s really working!!


Nice :+1:

Hey, just to clarify, at what point are you doing the box breathing… Do you mean just doing it as a habit in general or specifically during sex?


this is great to hear champ, i am hoping this works for me too. i get too excited on the first round then bang! any further tips & pointers would be unreal as trying to get to these kind of numbers!

Way to follow the plan.