A small success!

Yo guys - we have to count the small wins along the way.

Last night I slept with a girl I’d been on a couple of dates with for the first time - I hadn’t had sex prior to this for about a month and when I did I came in 2 strokes.

All I’ve done is practice the box breathing, recognising the inner critic and penis root masterbation a couple of times and trust me it works. I was able to last longer than usual (still not long enough but we’re getting somewhere at least)

Also posting in here and having people reply and relate to you gives you a bit of confidence that you’re not alone and there are other guys experiencing exactly what you are.

Identify your inner critic and breath. Live in the moment and get out of your head - works a charm.

Much love all :heart_hands:


thanks for sharing, this is what im currently focusing on so pleased it’s working for someone. keep smashing it fella!!


This sounds like a situation that could well happen for me. It’s really good to read that people are having some success, gives me some hope.
Knock 'em dead tiger, glad to hear you got some action!


That’s great to hear!!

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So glad it’s working for you and thanks for sharing!

When did you use the box breathing because I’m not super sure when it’s necessary and do you think it helped.