Dudes! This stuff is working!

So, dating for a month now and the initial encounters with intimacy were less that satisfactory. It was like a wall in my mind holding me back and psyching me out. Couldn’t get hard at all. But I’ve been doing the work and fighting the inner critic. Last week I saw her and we had a night of great sex. But there was still this bit of nagging doubt in my head. Last night as things started to go that way I could tell the inner critic and the spectatoring was there and killing my confidence. But the stuff I’ve learned so far helped me turn it around. Great sex again last night and repeat this morning. Best thing I ever did for myself! Do the work, don’t expect instant results, but build off of every win and you’ll be noticing improvement with every new tumble in the sheets!


Great to hear it’s working for you! I’m a couple of steps behind…gained confidence and started dating again but not manage to have sex yet due to confidence problems…I seem to forget everything I’ve learnt at the time! Which exercises did you find best for your confidence?

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How long have you been using the app, and was inner coach helpful?

Fantastic results - well done putting the work in and learning more about yourself and your body! : )


Glad to know this is working. I’ve recently started dating and have failed the few times we’ve tried to have sex. It starts well with foreplay but then when the moment comes, it’s like something has changed and I’m not able to be hard anymore. The inner critic is still there and wondering if there’s any helpful techniques to calm myself down as I feel the pressure of performing is getting to me.

I find that escaping my mind and the inner conversation helps most. I concentrate on the moment and my surroundings including how amazing my partner looks, feels, smells and sounds. The more she responds and gets aroused the easier it is for me to relax and enjoy the moment