Defeating the inner critic…?

My inner critic will make me nervous if my wife tells me she wants to have sex or misses it. It keeps me from trying. I’ve tried using the techniques from Mojo and they’re slowly helping. Wondering if anyone can relate and if there are any other techniques people have used to help move past this.


Hey there, I think the most helpful thing for me has been to open a conversation with my girlfriend about my anxiety. This relieves me of some of the pressure to perform 100% of the time. Also, taking some of the expectation away could also help, and instead just sharing that you want to spend some on foreplay as opposed to penetration.


I find that smelling my girlfriend, noticing touch, and focusing on being present helps me. I definitely agree that open conversation with your partner about my anxiety helped me a lot.

Making peace with not every time you have sex has to lead to penetration takes the pressure off too.


I have the same issue. My ED makes me want to avoid sex altogether to spare myself the embarrassment of not getting it up. I’ve had mixed success with mojo stuff so far, bit I do think we keep at it, we can get better.

Talking openly with your partner, removing expectations from a session (to get hard, cum, etc.), and getting lost in your own sensations are all great ways toward making sex fun, pleasurable, and more fulfilling. And that’s basically the formula for overcoming erection difficulties as well.