I did box breath and other PNS activation and something incredible happened

So the stage I’m right now. Is that when we are having sex. She have to stimulate me to get it on. Sometimes I get it just by kissing. Something really cool happened. Laughter. We laughed really hard suddenly due to something irrelevant and I got an instant boner. Makes me think: “huh im actually pretty horny is just that I’m so anxious I don’t feel it”.

That was cool… but what’s really incredible is what happened after trying few poses and successfully maintaining the boner (I did deep breathing and tried to connect with my bod while thrusting).

On the last post, the one after she came :tada:, so I could cum, my dick went half flacid with the condom on. And usually I take the condom off and start being stimulated by the girl. But this time a said: “Stimulate my penis gently with the condom on” And so I started connecting with the body, breathing deeply and scanning the room. And bam. It got hard as a brick. Which reinforces the idea everything is fine it’s just my anxiety who’s being a troll :joy:.

Guys this thing is adventure. But I can confirm it works. It helps a lot that the girl I’m dating with we’ve been really open about this. She’s amazing as well as my little guy😂.


This is so great!! Congrats!!

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Thank you!