New to mojo and self wellbeing

Hi all not sure what to write … just signed up this week to the app after sex became an issue in my relationship… on occasions ED issues reared up but not always but it was always in my head that they could pop up. This causes issues in my relationship and we broke up a couple of times due to this causing my partner anxiety.
The ED issues came and went but I began training for an ultra marathon and the ED issues then started to turn into PE / or not lasting long at all. My girlfriend voiced her frustrations after initially being understanding this pushed me to think it was physical /medical and went straight to the doctors - spending a month or so trying to understand what the issue was. I suffer from diabetes something that I have only suffered from for 3-4 years and always thought this may also impact on my ability to maintain and erection.

I guess I was denying that I had maybe some sort of anxiety with it all and attached stress to the event of sex. This coupled with the stress I have through work is maybe a vicious cycle.
I have started mojo this week mainly in an effort to save my relationship …. Unfortunately due to this problem and some other major stresses she is going through my girlfriend called it a day with us… citing the issues in the bedroom as a cause … we discussed it at length a discussion that should have happened some time ago and it appears we both have some sort of anxiety attached to sex maybe. Ultimately she agrees she had shut down to helping me get over the issue and it has got too far down the line, she always thought it might be mental/anxiety but didn’t properly mention it or what we could do to sort it out.
A lot are saying that she’s clearly not the person for me if she can’t understand and be more patient with me and supportive. She has just had a bereavement in the family and has some major stress and we seem to split up when she has some sort of stress in her life and seems to have to put me down or break it off to deal with whatever it is.

Since mojo I’m discussing this issue openly with some people in my life which really isn’t like me and it’s reassuring to hear friends tell me the experiences they have around ED and not lasting long during sex.

I am not sure where I am going to go relationship wise whether she will be back after the stress to pick up the pieces or now I’m back to trying to find someone new… but I will stick with mojo - I am generally feeling calmer and happier after using some of the techniques.
I would hate to bring this anxiety into a new relationship if one appeared.
Keep fighting everyone


Have faith in the programme and do the exercises. You can do it :muscle:


Here’s a tip that worked for me:

Tilt your hip forward and position it in line with your core/body. When you do this you should notice an extension of your penis making it look even longer. Test your posture by tilting your hip backward and forward engaging your glutes without contracting them too much. Once you find the sweet spot (the optimal position of your hips) your erections should improve because of a better blood flow to your penis.
It changed my sex life :+1:t2:


Fellow runner here. Not ultras but a regular marathoner. I’ve noticed that training does take a toll on sexual performance too. I’ve really tried to focus on hydration, electrolytes and enough protein. Adding creatine to my protein shakes does help.
Not perfect, which is why I’m on this app, but it has helped.

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