New partner anxiety

I never had issues before this year Everything’s great with my erections until the point of penetration recently got a new partner and it’s now happened 3 times with her

It’s definitely not her looks or anything she does sexually that’s all great I’m not sure if it’s because I’m nervous about her because she’s quite a bit more experienced then I am or what it is


I have the exact same problem. I have an all-star girlfriend. She’s hot, she’s experienced and she’s always down to bang. She intimidates me, to be quite honest. I get soft during foreplay or I can’t get it up sometimes and it makes her very self conscious. I feel like a jackass and I’m here to fix my problem. It’s all in my head. I find that when I’m feeling super confident and relaxed at the same time is when I have good enjoyable sex. If I’m not confident or I’m nervous, I can’t get it up.

Good luck, man. I hope you and I can get our issues fixed.