Navigating expectations in hookup culture

How do you navigate and negotiate through everyone’s expectations in hookup culture? I am a vers top but have increasing ED with partners because spectatoring and dysfunctional negative thoughts (“I’ll never be able to meet his expectations!”) really activate the inner critic. I’ve tried talking up front about getting together with no expectations but everyone seems to have fantasy projections going on and it’s too much pressure. What if I can’t deliver on what they are signing up for?

Being 53 and having just opened my 10-year monogamous LTR (which has brought me closer to my partner oddly enough) I was surprised that I’m in my “Daddy” era and lots of guys of all ages want to hookup with me. I have been very active hooking up and going to the bathhouse. I generally have no issue with my husband but increasing ED with other partners. If I could just relax and enjoy the sex it would from “fun” to “amazing.” I want to enjoy all of this before my age knocks me out of people’s radar. I’m aging, not dead!

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