Mutual Masturbation

I’m with a new girl after a long marriage and getting and maintaining an erection has been a challenge. I want so bad to please her that I completely sabotage myself of any chance to achieve a hard, lasting erection.

Last night I asked if she would lie on the bed and masturbate while I watched her and did the same. She is self-conscious (unnecessary), but obliged in a low-light situation. I focused on her pleasure and was able to get a solid erection near to climax that I was able to enter her with and finish. Her pleasure was loud and noticeable.

I’m lucky to have found such an understanding and patient partner. I’m hopeful that the knowledge that am able to give her pleasure will start to alleviate this anxiety that I’ve been feeling.


My partner and I do this all the time as foreplay, it helps if you’re basically all over each other physically, doesn’t feel awkward!