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Does anyone else get tense or feel some type of way when there is a sex scene in movies or TV shows? I’m not talking about porn, but just basic movies. Whenever talk about sex or a scene comes up I usually leave the room nervously or make an excuse to talk over it because my very first thought is that I can’t do what they are doing on the screen. It’s got to the point where I usually just turn whatever I’m watching off because I start to feel so bad and negative.

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You’re not alone brother, I too get that awkward uncomfortable feeling.
I was raised in a very strict Catholic household where sex was a sin and only for procreation. My parents would always vet anything we wanted to watch first and anything other than a peck on the cheek was classified too much so was never exposed to it. Weirdly I can sit and watch the dirtiest nastiest porn and enjoy it, but a simple soft core/TV scene just makes me feel so uncomfortable I took often flick over or go do something else/distract myself on my phone. Can’t explain it, maybe it’s some deep rooted thing to do with my upbringing


Not quite as strongly for me. Perhaps also helpful to reflect that the sex in nearly all tv and movies is not real and highly curated and designed to fit it in with a whole host of social myths and expectations.

IRL sex is much more messy, nervous, exciting , fun ….you actually probably won’t be doing what they are doing anyway - you will do what is safe and fun for you and your partners whatever that turns out to be.

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Dude, you describe my experience with these matters like precisely!! I grew up extremely mormon with a family even more fervently churchy than myself, so we couldn’t ever watch R-movies and anything below that was still subject to peremptory dismissal at the whims of my sheltered-ass parents who hated most TV and movies to begin with…

But yeah, same here - my wife tried leaving me alone with visiting family, during a film she promoted for the movie night, when a medium love scene she forgot about came on. No nudity, but because sexual tension, I mumbled some half-baked excuse and hightailed it away from my frowning mother… Sorry to ramble, but I’m right there with you amigo lol

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