More attempts at sex

Does anyone else feel like continuing to try to have sex makes it better or worse. I feel like the longer in-between the more the pressure is on to perform


I feel like inv you have mastered relaxing your mind it’s healthy to keep trying until its something your comfortable with

I find the longer between makes it more difficult too. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it better to just keep trying and failing until you stop being nervous?


I would have to say I agree. A hitter in baseball is not going to improve his game by not stepping up to the plate. So I feel like I have to keep showing up and trying regardless of the results, as hard as that is, especially when there is another person involved who is getting frustrated and disappointed when I am unable to perform.


I agree. It’s very hard to keep their interest too I believe. For me it helps talking through it with them. Sometimes I’ll say hey let’s talk about it and I get a response that says there isn’t much to talk about. It frustrating and seems at points that when you do perform it overshadowed by the times you cannot. Horrible cycle. I took my girl away for her birthday for example. We had good sex before we left. We got to the resort and we were driving of course, but I was working on fooling around and she essentially stopped and said she was tired. OK I get it no big deal. I said before we fell asleep are we good? I mean are we ok sexually as well and she said yes. I said ok I’d like to talk about it tomorrow. So the next day on the way home she said that she hates to try just to get turned on then turned off. I say we’ll we have to continue to work at it. Me personally there is nothing more of a turn off than a woman who just wants to be like I’m here have sex with me when you can. I need that forplay for arousal and lead up to the event. I’m pretty sure she is slipping away but still talks of the future. We had sex before we left and the night we got back no issues but then if you have an time when you can’t it seems like those good times are forgotten. Just hard to discuss if they won’t discuss. I said its mental and she thinks it’s physical. Hard to explain that I have no problem if I masturbate but get stressed to perform with her. Its a cycle fellas. I’m about to show her all the information on here to show her how normal it is

I feel like waiting longer makes it more difficult. Like now I’m pressuring myself more to perform since it’s been a while. Lately I’ve been attempting more often and been open talking to my partner and they understand when I can’t perform.

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That’s great for you to have that understanding. I know I’m on borrowed time regardless. She is drifting I can feel it. Give her all the praise in the the world for that understanding