Mental problems

I have had this problem for a while now ever since middle school and after even now I feel like I won’t ever be able to get into a relationship or will ever experience a sexual encounter for that matter my mental health about this has destroyed my hope in ever getting what I truly want and I don’t know if I will ever be able to find someone who is good all I see now is girls and women who don’t value relationships and that makes it even impossible or really a dream to ever come true :pensive:

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I don’t know how old you are — I was 32 before I ever had sex. Do I wish I had started earlier? Yes. Does the fact that I started later prevent me from having an active and healthy sex life now? No.

Look, it’s not fair, but I can tell you for certain that the older you get (provided you treat people decently and don’t get too stuck in your own head) the more women will want you. For a lot of women, grey hair really turns them on, and they like a man who has some life experience and maturity.

Believe me — it’s not a race, and the best is absolutely yet to come.


Thanks man I just turned 19 this may 24th and I just think about stuff like this because I don’t know how to solve it but I thank you kind sir for taking time out of your day to reply and help me and others if they have this issue so I thank you again :saluting_face::blush: have a good day

And yes this does help I forgot to put that is my last reply :joy:

No worries at all, it’s my pleasure. I wish that when I was 19, last century, someone had stopped to tell me that there is absolutely loads of time, and if you just relax and concentrate on having fun and sending good vibes out to the world, you will have many great experiences, including sex. Just take it easy, always carry protection just in case, send out good vibes no matter what, and always take no for an answer (there are too many people and experiences out there to waste time worrying about any one of them).

Also, one more small piece of advice — if a girl just wants to be your friend, that’s a GOOD thing. Female friends will teach you how to relax around, have fun with, and enjoy all women, and I can assure you they will increase your chances of meeting someone who wants something more physical.


Thanks man for real :smiling_face_with_tear: I wish I had your years of knowledge and experience but I hope for the best and I am glad you are here talking and giving me advice I am greatful thank you so much :sunglasses::saluting_face::face_exhaling:

No problem! You don’t need my experience or advice really, just remember three things:

  1. Stay confident in yourself no matter what happens or what people say — you’re good because of who you are;
  2. Spread good vibes to everyone, whenever you can; and
  3. Just shrug it off if you don’t hit it off with someone. It doesn’t make either of you bad, it just means you didn’t click.

Thanks man I will remember these and write them down or make sure I remember this knowledge you have given me and thank you for sharing this with me I know I still have a lot to learn but this is one thing that I have been thinking about and like you said earlier I do have that problem getting I my own head and I am just used to putting my issues and things I deal with in a bottle and never talk about stuff like this I thank you again because this is something I needed off my chest and I am glad that I did because now I know what to do thank you - Joseph