40 year old virgin this weekend 🥳

I officially turn 40 this weekend. I’m not sure if I technically qualify as a virgin or not, because I have “attempted” sex a handful of times across the years, but my anxiety and inner critic have always prevented me from getting, or keeping it up (with a partner) for long enough, and I’ve always been dumped immediately afterwards.

Now, inexplicably, I find myself with an absolutely amazing girlfriend who despite my struggle so far is showing no signs of dumping me and only wants to help. We would both like to have a child together down the line, so that’s a slight pressure obviously, but I am feeling positive that there is hope for the first time.


Forget how old you are, what has happened in the past and don’t worry about out what might e down the line. It sounds like you’ve found someone who is happy with you as you are. So enjoy the moments you are sharing together right now. And enjoy them.


Enjoy being with your partner! Stay in the moment and don’t worry about the past.


I am so very pleased that you’ve found an understanding gf.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wish you and your gf a happy and healthy relationship.