Getting an erection while virgin

Hi, I was just looking for some tips and maybe some relatable stories.
I´m a virgin, i´m 20 years old and I don´t lnow why but I just can´t have an erection when about to have sex, I tried with multiple woman but it just won´t get hard. I jerk off and everything it´s perfectly fine but when I try to have sex it doesnt even move. At first I thought it was nerves but now its really starting to affect my state of mind. Anyone knows any tips or have a similar story ? Thanks

Well there are a lot of people in this community that can strongly relate to your struggle, hence the existence of this program. I am 33 years old and have struggled with anxiety in my preteen years before I ever knew what it was. I was always either too anxious to approach girls or too anxious to get an erection during sex and it is a problem that affects me to this day, which kept me a virgin until I was nearly 30. Hopefully you wont struggle for as long as I have; maybe a temporary script of viagra would help build the mind body connection that you need to have sex successfully. Just remember it will happen for you; dont quit working at it