Advice for ED problems

Hello, I am 24 years old and I am currently struggling to get an erection or even to be stimulated. Which is starting to mess me up

This is very odd for me as little under a year ago, I couldn’t keep it down!

I have been under stress from work recently and I have been a bit depressed which I am unsure why I have been as I have met this women who literally ticks all the boxes for me and we literally just connect!
We have had sex loads times but I find it hard sometimes to keep my erection going.
And recently, I’m struggling to even get an erection.
I am generally quite healthy as a person, however, I’m not a gym junkie, is it worth going to the gym to build up testosterone levels? Or are there any foods that will help?

Basically, I just want advice on what other people do to overcome this problem.

(Im sorry if this makes no sense, I’m not great with explaining things)