Advice for ED problems

Hello, I am 24 years old and I am currently struggling to get an erection or even to be stimulated. Which is starting to mess me up

This is very odd for me as little under a year ago, I couldn’t keep it down!

I have been under stress from work recently and I have been a bit depressed which I am unsure why I have been as I have met this women who literally ticks all the boxes for me and we literally just connect!
We have had sex loads times but I find it hard sometimes to keep my erection going.
And recently, I’m struggling to even get an erection.
I am generally quite healthy as a person, however, I’m not a gym junkie, is it worth going to the gym to build up testosterone levels? Or are there any foods that will help?

Basically, I just want advice on what other people do to overcome this problem.

(Im sorry if this makes no sense, I’m not great with explaining things)

Hey man, not sure if you’re still struggling with this, but I can sooo relate.

I’m 25, and just got my first girlfriend at the beginning of February. She’s very attractive, but ever since we have started dating, it’s ben sooo hard to get an erection, even when I’m jerking off. In college, I’ve only had like drunk hookups, but now is the first time I’ve been having sex with someone I genuinely love.

We are able to have sex maybe 50%-60% of the time. It’s good sex, but not super eventful, considering sometimes my erection goes away during sex. I’m super attracted to her, so I have no idea what’s going on.

If you got over this, let me know what you did. Sounds like we are pretty much in the same boat. Thanks!