Maintaining arousal/erection

So I’ve been seeing a girl recently after a really long time of not dating (I have lost 29kg over the past year), the first time we tried to hook up I had drunk a lot and couldn’t get a full erection. I put it down to the booze and moved on.

We just tried again after another date, in the morning (she was tired/a bit drunk that night) after going back to hers. I managed to get a, nearly, full erection. I thought, problem solved! But then after I got up to get a condom I found my erection just started to go away. We made out a lot and as we did I just found myself getting less aroused until I didn’t even want to try to have sex.

I’m still not very confident in how I look and I wonder if the act of getting out of bed might have caused this. Strangely enough through the night and even that morning I did get aroused and repeatedly had a semi.

I just can’t figure out why I suddenly lost my desire and erection so quickly, I feel a bit like the making out for quite a while actually didn’t help.

Any advice would be great but I also just wanted to get it out of my system

Have had this exact situation happen - Going from having an erection to suddenly not wanting to have sex. I think it is all mental… I’m still working on this. Seems like turning the brain off is the best way to fix this?

Good luck man!

Yh it seems so, also my own confidence I think! Good luck to you too!

Have had this happen to me a few times, pretty much have full erection then get up to put a condom on and it just goes soft. But I just finished up day one on this app and have started to realize why that happens. Not sure what your exact situation is but for me ever since that condom situation has happened I’ve had no confidence in keeping an erection and that is what’s hurting me that most. I think if you focus on why that happened for you and figure out the root cause that will go a long way