Lose erection after putting on condom and getting on top

I have no problem getting hard but when I put on the condom and get on top it goes away. I know it must do with anxiety but I don’t feel that nervous. Does anyone else experience this and have any tips. I’ve missed out on some great girls because of this.


Oh my days, literally happened to me a few days ago. As soon as I was about to put it in it went soft. Trying to find reasons to this.

I think it must be something to do with getting on top and losing that blood to the penis and having it go to the leg muscles. Along with a physiological issue. It’s very frustrating

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I literally had the same thing every time, and your right its a combination of both. But from what Ive heard and learned so far is, that (otther than the fact that youd have to exert effort to get up) your inner critic comes up and tells you that each time you went up and put the condom on ur dick went soft (“Hurry up hurry up put the condom quickly before you get soft u have 3 seconds!!!”). Ur focusing too much on yourself its not a physical issue, its purely psychological. If your not so nervous on yourself you can be thinking instead “im gonna have such a great time, i cant wait to go inside” etc. And btw, you dont have to like every position, do what you like some people dont like missionairy its ok ur not programmed to be the robot alpha sex machine w her in bed, just be yourself and do what u like, if you both have chemistry, itll work. Hope this helps :))


Just to add to the discussion, check your condom size! When I started having sex at a young age I had the same problem, and it turned out my condoms were too small! And no I don’t have a huge dong, it’s just that one size fits all does not always work out
I ordered a sample package of different sizes and found one that makes it easier to maintain an erection with the condom on


Thanks that’s a great approach that I’ll definitely try the next time I get lucky. It’s definitely the fact that I’m in my head thinking I have only a few seconds before I go soft. I’ll give this app a a try and hopefully it helps me fix the issue

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I agree with this, I don’t got a Shlong on me but sometimes it really is the size of the condom.
Good luck :saluting_face:

My gf requires condom use. It blows it never works with me at all and I get in my head about it all the time. I’m hoping to be able to just relax and be more in the moment but it’s for sure a challenge. Luckily I’m with a girl who is extremely patient and understanding of the situation.