Condoms and Erection

Everytime I engage in a sexual activity, I get aroused and an erection. However, as soon as the condom comes out, I tend to lose my erection and the sex dies then and there, and nothing else happens following that point, which is very embarrassing. I have once even wasted 5 condoms trying this.

Has anyone ever been through this, and how do you overcome this?


I have experienced this so many times. It’s so annoying and really embarrassing.
When I was with my ex wife we decided that I should just go in bareback and pull out to ejaculate. We never got caught out with an unwanted pregnancy, thankfully, but I know this isn’t always the best option.
I’m afraid I don’t have a solution to the problem but I just wanted you to know you’re not alone.


I’ve had this issue myself. Had to start using them because my wife was having issues with her pill so I said id try condoms for a while. My erections have been so hit and miss since I started using them. I personally feel they ruin the mood of sex and am always aware every time I go to put one on that what happens next could all go down hill. Definitely a psychological issue that I can’t get the better of, hence why I’m here.

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Do you have issues even when not wearing one?

Same here guys. Condoms pretty much started my issues and I feel terrified to start using them again


I feel your pain boys, just absolutely killed the mood and has been an issue with me in the past. My previous ex girlfriend the first few times we couldn’t do it because I would just lose it when going to use a condom but eventually managed to do it once then after that she allowed me to bareback but pulled out for 10 months

Seems like many men struggle with this. Personally, it’s hit and miss; with my wife I can “mostly” get it on, but I definitely lose about 30% of my erection.

With my new girlfriend (we’re non-monogamous), fuck, the first time I went completely soft, and that was that; the next time I couldn’t even get hard at all, no matter how much I wanted to fuck - the anxiety of having to put it on just wrecked me.

Trying to be kind to myself, but the mind is a cruel mistress.