Loss of sex drive

Hey feel really embarrassed to even say but unfortunately I have lost the drive to even have sex or anything sexual with my partner, I don’t know if it’s because every time I try I get told no or it’s because I don’t even want to actually do it. I’m just stuck and need help really

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Hey mate,
Don’t be embarrassed, we are all here to work through our challenges.
I have been doing mojo for a bit over a month and one thing I have learned is that libido goes up and down and it’s not constant like we are all lead to believe as men. We are not always ready to go at a moments notice. As you progress there are some sessions on this to help.
My libido has gone up and down almost to nothing a while back among other things.
It can also be frustrating if you and your partner seem to be on different patterns of wanting it.

Are you able to get excited and aroused when you are on your own to masturbate etc?
If it’s just with your partner and the desire has decreased the sessions down the line help with re infighting the spark.

Communication goes a long way. I have learned opening up and being vulnerable is not a weakness. A lot of us guys on here have reported how supportive their part have been and it’s helped a lot. Perhaps talking with your partner about how you are feeling and ask them how they are feeling about it too. It could be they have something they are dealing with themselves also.

Chin up mate. You have got this. We are all here to support you.


It sounds as though you are in a difficult place. As the above user said communication is important. Also having a medical check is always important to rule anything out. Using Mojo you will learn about the links between physical and psychological. It helps if you can share with your partner you are looking at the issue - coming on Mojo feels as though you want it to change. Hopefully things will fall back into place - be kind to yourself! : )