Loosing my girlfriend

I didn’t realise I had this issue until being with my girlfriend. Also I have excess foreskin. Which makes it an issue for her as she cannot enjoy sex.
She doesn’t initiate anything. And so we are loosing our chemistry. As she don’t start nothing as it won’t lead anywhere. I have made appointments to sort everything out.

I don’t want to leave her but feel it’s the best thing to do for her sake.

Have any of you guys experienced anything similar

I hear you man. It’s tough. That’s the worst when you can feel the chemistry die. I have been gaming this girl for a month, have done everything perfect, she really likes me I can tell. We just went on a vacation and I couldn’t give her good sex. Weak/ dying erections the whole time. All the spark has seemed to vanish (which is gut wrenching bc of the reason why) and personally I am going to fall back and let her pursue if she wants to continue seeing me. Because I don’t want to be the “weak dick guy” that she’s in a relationship with and cheats on bc he can’t give it to her. Idk man up to you completely and I don’t mean to scare you but just something to consider. I realize I am paranoid too so take this with a grain of salt