Like a switch got turned off

I had this really bad start to the year and I was under a ton of stress from work. This culminated in a random NYE hookup that didn’t go well. I had ED, she got offended, and about two months later I had a small genital wart (HPV). Ever since that night my sex drive went from very high to almost nonexistent. I’d been having a few issues before then but its gotten to the point where I just don’t feel anything sexually. I was hoping it would come back with time (five months later) but it hasn’t. I just feel ashamed, disappointed, and disgusted with myself… it’s been very hard to ignore the inner critic. And part of me feels like I shouldn’t even try to fix it because I’d feel horrible spreading anything to anyone else


I feel your pain as I’m experiencing the same problem. Two months in, and it hasn’t gotten better. I thought my drive would get fixed with time, but so far, nothing - like you say, as if a switch got turned off. I don’t feel any sexual drive anymore, and it’s also making me feel ashamed and disgusted with myself. It feels like I’m letting down my partner. I hope this program helps me get back on track.

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I just made a post about this aswell basically the same hardly a sex drive for super stressed last year and haven’t been the same sense can get up but after a few minutes I get in my head start sweating more and more out of breath and start being in my head more and I can’t get out of it and boom the erection goes away

I don’t think that you’re done man, you’re just going through some rough times, it happens, everything will be ok in time. It seems to me that at this point to overcome your problem it may be more effective for you to work with a good therapist. have you considered such a possibility?