Kink & performance

New user here, been a week and already seeing improvement! The exercises are no doubt helping but I’ve mostly very much enjoyed the theoretical bases for removing anxiety; labelling things is always the first step to tackling them.

I have a lot of kinky sex and truly enjoy the performative aspect of it. Was wondering if anyone is in the same boat and if so, how do you reconcile enjoying the performance while keeping anxiety at bay?

Same with me to an extent. I often feel as though I’m literally putting on a show during sex and that if I just focus on my own pleasure, I will disappoint her.

I get that! My solution has been to tell myself there’s a good reason why she wants me in bed and then try to remember that the things we like are also liked by our partners, so the pleasure is mutual.

But when in doubt, asking someone if the sex feels too one-sided is always a great option.