Is my partner still interested in having sex, or is there a deeper meaning to his lack of intimacy with me?

I’ve noticed a decline in my partner’s interest in having sex with me, and although we use to have amazing sex together, as of late he has been saying that his sex drive has decreased because of his age. He’s 44 and I’m 29 and I just don’t fully believe it is because of that reason alone that he and I are not sexually involved anymore. He also does not ejaculate anymore and purposely keeps himself from doing so and it’s beginning to feel very personal to me.

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Hey - have you been able to talk to him about this at all and how you feel? Are u in a long term/ committed relationship as u may need to reconnect with pleasurable non sexual things for a while. The not ejaculating if this is new would also be worth discussion - does he do so in private or some sort of concern arisen for him?