I want my girlfriend but…

I want my girlfriend and future fiancée so bad but I feel all the pressure and I am losing erections and sometimes can’t get one. I desire her every day and now she is blaming herself. I need help!

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Sorry to hear you’re so low at the moment,

It was happing to me also , but one thing that did help was talking with my girlfriend, openly just talking about how it makes you feel then listening to how it makes her feel…

What i found out was we were both worried about the same thing, she was thinking it was har fault and im thinking its my fault its not working. But after talking about how im the one putting pressure on myself , she fully supports me which helps with the anxiety

Just try having a real open discussion it may help

Don’t give up

Good luck


Thank you!!

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Talk to your GF. Let her know you desire her. Be honest and tell her you’re working on it.

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