I need some advice

Hey guys I figured I would try this app out but recently I have found the girl of my dreams. She’s everything I ever wanted and recently the thing that is holding me back is my performance. Not every time but a lot of times I have failed at being able to get hard. This has never been an issue for me until now and I feel as if something is wrong with me.


Broooooo I’m in the same boat it’s messing me up so bad

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Same here!

You’re not alone

Relate to this a lot. Shes perfect and the lack of good sex is ruining the relationship

Don’t give up !!

First thing to try is having an open discussion with your girlfriend, talk about how it makes you feel and understand how it makes her feel, most likely your both worrying about the same thing ( she thinks it because of her and your thinking it’s because of you )

Keep going with this app it’s working for me ( not straight away)

Also you need to believe in yourself, it’s all in your mind!! , say to yourself “its just sex”

Good luck

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